A Watch with Soul- The Certina Chronolympic Regatta Chronograph

The Certina Chronolympic Regatta features something that I seldom find in most watches. It has soul. And by soul, I mean this thing’s got some FUNK… Ya dig? The watch is something straight out of the 70’s. The only difference is that it isn't covered in a brown shag rug, or drives a florescent yellow Ford Pinto. No, this watch has a beautiful square steel case and chunky steel bracelet to match. 

The multicolor dial with its turquoise hour hands and orange center chronominute hand is just too much to handle. Hows 1970’s is that?? “No, lets not put chromed hands on this watch, that would be ridiculous of us! Put the turquoise and orange hands on there!” Well done, Certina. I approve. 

Looking closer at the dial we find red, white, FOUR different hues of blue, and a splash of gray on the inner tachymeter bezel. It’s certainly a busy dial, but broken down it’s something to admire and appreciate. 

It’s powered by the always reliable Valjoux 728 movement which drives the chronograph, chronominute, and twelve hour counter functions on the watch. 

This is a piece to enjoy and wear on the daily. It’s pure eye candy without the high price tag. It’s affordable good fun and guaranteed that every time you want to know what time it is you’ll want to keep looking at the watch.

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