About Us

Hashtag Watch Co. was founded with the intention of distributing fine timepieces throughout the internet without hassle. Buying a quality vintage or modern timepiece has and always will be about the experience, and your satisfaction is the key to it all. Ben and Luke are always here to help make your buying experience as seamless as possible. We have an ever-growing selection of finely curated timepieces to browse and choose from. If we don't have what you're looking for we will be happy to add you to our waiting list. We believe our vast amount of testimonials truly speak volumes on our behalf as we take great pleasure in doing what we do.

Ben Yellin

Ben has been an avid collector since the mid 1970's and went on collecting pocket watches up until 1984. Then in 1984 he met a wristwatch dealer and on the spot (after a bottle of wine or two) traded out his entire pocket watch collection for wristwatches. To him it was a completely blind swap. But little did he know that the deal he had just made would turn out for the better as the pocket watch market had completely tanked in the following years. He has traveled the world collecting wristwatches and continues to do so to this day. Ben Yellin is one of the earliest members of the IWJG community and is also an active member of the respective NAWCC and WWT organizations.

Luke DeSisto

Luke got his start from attending swap-meets and flea markets throughout the Los Angeles area. He originally started selling small antiques and trinkets on eBay to help pay for his college tuition. As time progressed wristwatches slowly funneled their way through his networks of clients and dealers and the rest is history. With his well known reputation for excellent customer service and his knowledgeable background in the trade, he is more than happy to help guide you in acquiring your desired timepiece. Luke is a current member of the respective IWJG, NAWCC, and WWT organizations. 

Our Photography 

You might have noticed that a majority of our watches and vintage wears that we photograph are taken outside. We've always felt it's better to show what a timepiece will look like in a typical environment where it will be worn. Wristwatches don't live their lives in a 12” x 12” light box with some photoshop trickery. They're usually wrapped around your wrist out in the open! We feel timepieces should be shown with natural sunlight, sometimes under some shade, or even held our hands to get the best possible angle. We feel it's a far better advantage over a light box as you get to see in hand what you're purchasing.