Breitling EMERGENCY MISSION Steel Chronograph w/ Special Save Your Life Feature

Breitling EMERGENCY MISSION Steel Chronograph w/ Special Save Your Life Feature

For those new to watches, or just someone trying to understand what the actual point of a "tool watch" is, then this post is for you! 


This EMERGENCY reference number A73322 has the black dial configuration with perfect antireflective sapphire crystal, chronograph, date, functions blah blah blah...THE SAVE YOUR ASS PART IS WHERE THE PARTYS AT! 

 This watch was designed for pilots, and more specifically what they will need if their airplane goes down... Breitling, with its long lineage of aviation related timepieces had the answer- put miniature transmitter inside! And just like that the EMERGENCY MISSION was born!

 In a perfect world, and what is supposed to happen after your dance with death, is that you unscrew the hidden antenna underneath the thick steel case, unravel it, and point it to the sky. If all goes well it will automatically beam for the international aviation distress frequency channel 121.5... And then you wait and wait and wait and wait… 


 Side note- As a pilot, you should normally notify at least one person so they can keep track of you in case you don’t get to where you are flying to. This tool watch is only a BACKUP and does not guarantee an assured pickup. It dramatically helps your chances of survival, but you would have to be a fool if you think this is 100% going to save you in every situation.

Some other not so good news- if you've crashed in water you are out of luck. Water + electrically = bad times. So, if by chance you've crashed in the mountains or desert your chances of survival just ticked up a couple notches! 

Remember- Crown UP/ Antenna UP/ You get picked UP.

If Crown Down/ You're Down/ You're Done. 

You will have approximately 24-48 hours of signal on a well charged battery before it ends.  

Not that anyone if their right mind would do so, but IF you decide to unscrew it, even accidentally, expect a heafty 5 to 6 figure penalty/ fine/ recovery fee from the FAA. And if the FAA really, really thinks this wasn't some accident be ready to be added to the NO FLY List…

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